Grey College Fellows 2004-05

Easter Term 2005

Dr Ian Drummond (Sidney Holgate Fellow) is a Senior Policy Officer in the Small Business Service of the DTI, both Holgate Fellow and Visiting Fellow at DBS during the Easter term. A former academic at HullUniversity (see for example, book jointly authored with T Marsden, The Condition of Sustainability, Routledge, 1999), he has extensive experience in managing research projects within the SBS and DfES. Ian is working with Ian Stone's research group and other colleagues in the BusinessSchool, mainly focusing upon regulation of small businesses and policy for improving SME performance.

Dr Eric van Doom (Mathematics Fellow) received an MSc from Eindhoven University of Technology (Mathematics, 1974) and his PhD from the University of Twente (1979). In 1985, after working at the Netherlands Postal and Communications Services, and the Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science in Amsterdam, he became an Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Twente. His research interests range from topics in mathematical analysis and the theory of stochastic processes to performance modelling and analysis of computer and communication systems. Eric serves on the editorial boards of Stochastic Models and Telecommunications Systems.

Epiphany Term 2005

Dr Alan Greaves, University of Liverpool. A lecturer in Archaeology, Alan conducts research into the MeanderValley, Greek colonization, Anatolian archaeology and disease in ancient society. His major research interest is Miletos and its surrounding territory from the late Chalcolithic to the middle Islamic (Beylik) period, with special reference to the Late Bronze Age to the Classical period. He has focused on town planning, territory, economy, population, society and religion, as well as Miletos' position on the Silk Road. Publications include: Miletos: A History (Routledge, 2002) and 'Miletos and the Sea: a Stormy Relationship' in G. J. Oliver et al. (eds.) The Sea in Antiquity (Oxford, 2001).

Professor Véronique Hussin, University of Montreal is Professor and Head of Department at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics of the Université de Montréal, Montréal, Canada. Her research interests deal with the application of mathematical methods to solve problems relevant in physics. More precisely, she is studying the properties of symmetries and supersymmetries for some systems of differential equations appearing in Hydrodynamics and Quantum Physics in order to be able to obtain physical solutions.

Michaelmas Term 2004

Professor Petra Butler, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Ms Diana Syder