Grey College Fellows 2005-06

Easter Term 2006

Professor Gert de Cooman is BOF Research Professor in Uncertainty Modelling and Systems Science, and is a member of the SYSTeMS Research Group at Ghent University, Belgium. He is a former Research Associate of the Fund for Scientific Research - Flanders (Belgium), and a Founding member and President (2000-2006) of SIPTA, the International Society for Imprecise Probability: Theories and Applications.

He is also an Editor of the International Journal of Approximate Reasoning. Gert has done research into some aspects of the foundations of probability theory (see more information on his website), and he is profiting from the opportunity the Grey College Fellowship has given him to start writing two books on his subject: a technical monograph and a more general introduction.

Epiphany Term 2006

Professor Takeo Inami is visiting from Japan, where he is a Professor in the Faculty of Science and Engineering of Chuo University. He is a (mathematical) physicist, studying theoretical physics and teaching physics, who has held positions at the Physics Institute (University of Tokyo), Yukawa Institute ( Kyoto University), as well as working as a research fellow at the Rutherford High Energy Laboratory, Universite de Pari, CERN (Geneva) and Fermilab (USA). Professor Inami's work focuses upon particle physics - specifically the construction of a unified theory of fundamental particles and the basic forces governing them.

Professor Meng Guanglin (Sidney Holgate Fellow) is Chair of the Medieval History of Western Europe at RenminUniversity in Beijing, China. He is Vice-President of the Chinese Association for World Medieval Studies. A graduate of GuizhouUniversity, with a Masters degree from TianjingNormalUniversity, he studied for his PhD at BeijingUniversity. In addition to his historical interests, he has academic qualifications in Chinese philosophy. He has undertaken projects feudal monarchy in Western Europe in the early middle ages, and the Confucian Theory of Human Nature. His published monographs include studies of Charlemagne and the comparative history of China and the West, together with numerous articles on topic including Historical Materialism, John of Salisbury's ideals of kingship and the rule of law in the Qing dynasty. While in Durham, he is working with Professor Michael Prestwich (History) on a comparative study of feudal monarchies in the west and China.