Grey College Fellows 2006-07

Easter Term 2007

Professor Thomas CURTRIGHT (Alan Richards Fellow in Mathematics) is Professor of Physics at the University of Miami in the US. He will be working in the Mathematics Department with Dr David Fairlie.

Professor Noboru MIURA (Sydney Holgate Fellow) is Emeritus Professor of the University of Tokyo. Professor Miura is a semiconductor physicist and was for many years the Director of the High Magnetic Field Laboratory in the Institute of Industrial Science at Tokyo University. Over the years he has worked at many laboratories in Europe. He was recently awarded an Honorary OBE for his services towards Anglo-Japanese co-operation in Science. He will be collaborating with members of the Master's group in the Physics Department.

Professor Phil POLLET (Alan Richards Fellow in Mathematics) is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Queensland, Australia. He earned his PhD at Cambridge University and has worked at the University of Wales and at Murdoch and Adelaide Universities in Australia. His research interests are in the field of mathematical modelling, and is chiefly concerned with the theory of stochastic processes and applications in Ecology, Telecommunications and other areas. He will be working in the Mathematics Department with Dr Iain MacPhee.

Canon Peter ROBINSON (Academic Visitor) has been resident in College for much of the Easter term. Canon Robinson is a mathematician by training and is now on the staff of Bristol Cathedral. He is spending a sabbatical period in Durham at the Department of Theology where he is researching his interests in the Syriac Church.

Professor Silvana SCIARRA (Dickinson Dees Fellow in Law) is currently Goodhart Professor of Law at Cambridge University. She was previously Professor of Law at the University of Florence and Professor of Labour Law at the European University Institute 1998-2002. Professor Sciarra will be giving a seminar in College and collaborating with colleagues in the Law department.

Dr Paula Stockley (Winifred Jean Stubbs Fellow & IAS Fellow) is a senior lecturer in the Department of Zoology at Liverpool University. She earned her D Phil at Oxford University and has subsequently been a visiting research Fellow at St John.s College Oxford. Her research deals with the evolutionary selection pressures that shape diversity. She has written approximately 35 publications in refereed journals.

Epiphany Term 2007

Professor Pedro JORDAN (Isobel Holgate Fellow in Mathematics) is a research physicist at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), WashingtonDC. He earned his PhD at the University of New Orleans and is a specialist in applied mathematics, especially the mathematics of nonlinear wave and shock phenomena. He has published more than forty peer-reviewed papers in mathematics, biology and physics journals and was awarded the Alan Berman Prize by NRL for his publications. He has given invited lectures at Los Alamos Laboratory and at Oxford and Durham Universities. He was Sidney Holgate Fellow at Grey College in 2004.

Professor Mike FELLOWS (Bill Best Fellow in Public Understanding of Science & IAS Fellow) is Professor of Computer Science at the University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia. He earned his PhD at the University of California at San Diego. His professional interests are in the fields of Computational Complexity Theory, Combinatorial Algorithms and Computational Biology. He has published more than 70 peer - reviewed articles, three books and a large number of conference invited papers. This will be his first visit to Grey College.

Professor Robin MALLOY (Dickinson Dees Fellow in Law) writes extensively on law and market theory and on real estate transactions and development. He has published 10 books, more than 25 articles, and contributed to 10 other books. He advised on BMW vs. Gore in the U.S. Supreme Court, a leading case on contract law. He was the 1996-97 Sun Life Research Fellow at Oxford University, currently serves as Editor-in-Chief of The Digest, and is a Board Member of the National Italian American Bar Association (NIABA). He serves as Chair of the Law and Humanities section of the AALS and is an advisory group member to the Land and Real Estate Initiative Group at The World Bank