Grey College Fellows 2007-08

Easter Term 2008

Professor Yu GAONENG (see Michaelmas Term entry)

Dr Damian SKULT (See Epiphany Term entry)

Dr Anthony VICKERS (Sydney Holgate Research Fellow) is University Reader and Head of the Electronic Systems Engineering Department at EssexUniversity. His research interests include High Speed Optoelectronics and Information Communication Technology. He has published extensively in technical and academic journals and has particular interests in promoting the 'Bologna Process' in tertiary education. At Durham, he is collaborating with the Master's research group in the development of technologies to probe the terahertz frequency characteristics of biological material.

Epiphany Term 2008

Professor Yu GAONENG (see Michaelmas Term entry)

Professor Bernd GOEBEL (Stubbs Fellow and IAS Fellow) holds the Chair in Philosophy and the History of Philosophy at the Theological Faculty in Fulda, Germany. His interests include Medieval Philosophy, especially Early Medieval Philosophy and Ethics. He is an expert on Anselm of Canterbury and has authored several books and journal articles.

Professor Evangelia SAMIOU (Alan Richards Fellow in Mathematics) is Assistant Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cyprus. She has written exclusively on a variety of problems in Geometry. She has previously been Visiting Professor at the University of Münster and Torino. This is her second visit to GreyCollege.

Dr Damjan SKULJ (Alan Richards Fellow in Mathematics) is Assistant Professor at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and works in the Faculty of Social Sciences. His research interests relate to imprecise probabilities, especially with reference to Markov chain theory. At Durham, Dr Skulj is working in the Statistics Group.

Michaelmas Term 2007

Professor David Blanc (Isobel Holgate Fellow in Mathematics) David Blanc is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Haifa in Israel. He is working with Professor Faber in the Mathematics Department at Durham on the development of research links in the field of Topological Robotics which lies at the intersection of Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering.

Professor Roland FLETCHER (Sydney Holgate Research Fellow & IAS Fellow) is Associate Professor in the Department of Archaeology at the University of Sydney. He has particular interests in Archaeology Theory and Philosophy and is the instigator of the "Greater Angkov Project". He has written many articles and books and given a large number of invited talks at international conferences.

Professor Yu GAONENG (Dickinson Dees Fellow in Law) is a Professor in the School of Law at the Northwest University of Political Science of Law, Xi'an, China. He had specific interests in Chinese Criminal Law and is currently studying Definitions and Classifications of Bribery in Legislation. He has previously been a Freeman Fellow at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has authored a textbook on Criminal Law and a number of articles.

Professor Stephen LANSING (IAS Fellow) holds dual appointments as Research Professor at the Santa Fé Institute and Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona, Tuscan. He has held many distinguished Fellowships and Awards and has previously worked at the Universities of Michigan and Southern California. He is the author of five books and many articles and book chapters. At Durham, he has worked on Austronesian Expansion and on ecology and water control at Angkor Wat.

Dr Raymond NICHOL (Sydney Holgate Research Fellow) is Senior Lecturer and Head of Social Science Education at La Trobe University, Bendigo, Australia. He has previously been a Visiting Fellow at LeicesterUniversity, NagoyaUniversity (Japan) and has extensive teaching experience in primary and secondary schools in Australia. His work at Durham has focused on writing a book entitled: "Growing up in Indigenous Australia and Melanesia: Learning from the Indigenous World".