Grey College Fellows 2008-09

Easter Term 2009

Rabbi Dr Lionel BLUE is Holgate Fellow this term. Dr Blue is a distinguished Jewish Scholar and well-known broadcaster. He is leading a number of seminars in Grey during the Easter term on the broad topic of religious experience and faith.

Professor Larysa  BRYZHYK is Isobel Holgate Fellow in Mathematics in the Easter Term 2009. Professor Bryzhyk is a Leading Research Fellow at the Scientific Research Centre of Quantum Medicine at the Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kiev, Ukraine. Professor Bryzhyk’s research interests are in the field of Biophysics, including:  Soliton mechanisms for energy storage and transfer in proteins; Bisoliton mechanisms of electron transport in biological macromolecules; and the influence of electromagnetic radiation on biological systems. Professor Bryzhyk is the author of more than 90 papers in refereed journals.

Roderick DUNNETT is Sydney Holgate Fellow and is spending part of the Epiphany Term researching the background of a major publication on the legal and economic instruments for human response to climate change, especially global carbon emission regimes.  He is a Barrister (MiddleTemple) with a first degree in Physics.  He has practised at the Bar, specialising in intellectual property; has spent time in merchant and investment banking; and as a partner in a Kuwait law firm. For many years he has held senior legal positions at the European Investment Bank, culminating in Associate Director for Legal Policy. He has published peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on European financial institutions, monetary union and financial regulation. He now serves as independent legal adviser and public policy advocate,  notably through intervention in the EIB’s public consultation on its anti-corruption policy and its environmental and social policy, and in the forum set up by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees for enquiry into human rights in the financial sector.

Epiphany Term 2008

Dr Hans KOLSTAD is the Stubbs Fellow in Epiphany Term. He is a philospher with particular interests in Bergson and Descartes. Dr Kolstad was educated at the Universities of Oslo, Strasborg and Nacny and for many years a professor at the Collegium Humaniorum and the Institute of Classics and Roman studies of the University of Oslo. He has written extensively on Pascal, Roussea, Montesquieu, Marcel and Levinas, in addition to Descartes and Bergson. He is also the editor of the collected works of Plato in Norway. At Durham, he is working in the IAS for much of his stay. Dr Kolstad lives in Denmark where he has a small sheep farm.

Dr Antal TAPODI is the Best Fellow in the Epiphany Term. Dr Tapodi is a Lecturer at the Department of Biochemistry and Medical Chemistry, University of Pecs Medical School, Hungary. Dr Tapodi’s scientific interests are in the investigation of molecular mechanisms of cell death induced by oxidative stress. Dr Tapodi has written extensively on this subject and is spending six months at Durham collaborating with Professor Quinlan in the Biophysical Sciences Institute.

Professor Abye TASSE is the IAS Fellow at Grey College in Epiphany Term 2009. He is Vice-President for International Affairs, Addis Ababa University. He is also Dean of the School of Social Work and Director of the University Reform and Strategic Planning Office. Professor Tasse is participating in the IAS theme Being Human. Professor Tasse was educated at the Ä’cole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales de Paris, the University of Rouen, the University of Le Havre and the University of Toulouse. Professor Tasse has published extensively in his fields of expertise, which include: Policies on Immigrants, Asylum-Seekers and Refugees; Policies on Social Work and Social Development Education; and Research design in social sciences, particularly on issues related to migration, emigration and integration.

Professor Shigeyasu KAMIYA is the Alan Richards Fellow in Mathematics in the Epiphany Term 2009. Professor Kamiya is Professor of Mathematics at the Okayama University of Science in Japan. He has previously been a visiting fellow at WrightState and CambridgeUniversities and the State University of New York at Stoney Brook. Professor Kamiya has published extensively in the fields of geometry, group theory and fluid flow.

Michaelmas Term 2008

Professor Christa Davies ACAMPORA (Sydney Holgate & IAS Fellow) is Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Hunter College and The Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Dr Hunter specialises in: Modern European Philosophy; Moral Psychology; Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics; and Contemporary Political Theory. She is spending the Michaelmas term of 2009 as an IAS Fellow where she is contributing to work in the current theme of Being Human. Dr Hunter has written extensively on Nietzsche and Hegel.

Dr Jonathan HILLMAN is the Isobel Holgate, Mathematics Fellow for the Michaelmas term 2008. Dr Hillman is Reader, School of Mathematics and Statistics, The University of Sydney. Dr Hillman is a topologist and is working with colleagues in the Mathematics Department on Cofinitely hopfian groups, open mappings and knot groups. He is also lecturing at Glasgow, Warwick and OxfordUniversities during his time in the UK. Dr Hillman also intends to spend time at Durham completing work on In- decomposable PD3-complexes.

Professor Mark JANIS is the Dickinson-Dees Law Fellow for Michaelmas term. Dr Janis is William F. Starr Professor of Law at the University of Connecticut School. He studied at Princeton, Oxford and Harvard Universities. Dr Janis is a specialist on international law and has been an officer of the American Bar Association.