Joining & Fees

How to Join Grey SCR

The SCR welcomes new members who will contribute to the life of the College. You can become a member either by nomination or by contacting the SCR Committee (see form below). We seek a diversified membership, welcoming people from inside and outside of the University and of all academic disciplines.

Membership Fees

SCR members pay an annual membership fee which contributes towards the cost of operating the Senior Common Room and its activities.

Single Membership: £20
Joint Membership: £30

Joint membership is generally for couples who both wish to be members, though couples are welcome to pay separately if they wish. All charges are discounted by 50% for College Tutors.

Anyone joining part-way through the academic year may be eligible for a discount.

Application Form

If you wish to apply for membership, please complete the form below.

Your Details

e.g. Mr, Mrs, Dr, Prof.

e.g. MA, FRS, QC, CBE

Your Nomination for Membership

If you have not been nominated by an existing SCR member, your application will be considered on its merits by the SCR Executive.

Please inform us of any skills, resources or special knowledge you have that may be of particular value to the SCR and the wider College community.

And finally…