News: New SCR members

The SCR welcomes the following new members for this academic year:

Dr Haider Al Allack - Physics Researcher;

Maria Arkless - College Tutor and University Strategic Planning Officer;

Dave Baldwin - College Alumnus;

Isobel Butland - College Tutor;

Neil Cameron - Professor of Chemistry;

Natalie Crisp - College Alumnus and DSU President;

Andrew Deeks - Pro Vice Chancellor for Science and Professor of Engineering;

John Dowler - Headmaster of Haydon Bridge High School;

Alex Earle - College Tutor;

Stefanie Freitag-Pohl - Research Associate in Chemsitry;

Katharina Fucke - Research Associate in Chemistry;

Nicky Godfrey - College Alumnus and DSU Welfare Officer;

Charlie Jewkes - College Alumnus;

Jeremy and Rachel Kendal - Research Fellows in Anthropology;

Alex Nutton - College Alumnus;

Jon and Jacquie Purcell - Jon is University Librarian;

John Robson - College Tutor;

Simon and Hannah Speight - College Tutors. Simon is Sub-Librarian for Academic Support and Hannah is the Durham Award Co-ordinator;

Iain Stewart - Professor of Computer Science;

Andrew Sutton - College Tutor;

Valentin Vitanov - Professor of Engineering;

Wojtek and Rosemary Zakrzewski - Wojtek is Professor of Mathematics.




Added Saturday 24th October 2009