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Lionel Blue Seminar Series

Tuesday evenings, at 1930 in Holgate Lecture Room, Grey College Quantum Physics teaches us that an observed system is always perturbed by the act of observation; the Observer becomes intimately bound up in the process of Observation and objectivity is hard to obtain. How do these scientific insig…

Added Monday 11th April 2011

Visiting Fellows - Easter Term 2011

The College welcomes a number of distinguished Fellows for the Easter Term. MAURIZIO GENTILE is Alan Richards Fellow in Mathematics at Grey College for part of the Easter Term 2011. He earned his Ph.D. in Mathematical Physics from the University of Naples Federico II, where he is currently an Ass…

Added Monday 4th April 2011

Volunteer Needed – Grey College Trust

Following the success of the Jubilee Appeal, the Trust is now carefully considering its forward strategy for fundraising. The Trust is seeking the voluntary services of a suitable person, ideally with strong Grey College links, to act as a Development Officer to assist the Trust in fundraising, …

Added Thursday 28th October 2010

New SCR members

The SCR welcomes the following new members for this academic year: Dr Ben Dodds - Senior Lecturer in History Dr Giles Gasper - Lecturer in History Dr David and Dr Sushma Grellscheid - Daivd is software manager in the IPPP Fenwick Lawson - Local Sculptor Stephen Little - College Almnus, now wo…

Added Wednesday 27th January 2010


Congratulations to: Paula Martin and John Street, former Vice Presidents on the birth of their son, Alexander James Street; and to SCR members Frank and Katrina Krauss on the birth of their son Leo.

Added Friday 15th January 2010

New SCR members

The SCR welcomes the following new members for this academic year: Dr Haider Al Allack - Physics Researcher; Maria Arkless - College Tutor and University Strategic Planning Officer; Dave Baldwin - College Alumnus; Isobel Butland - College Tutor; Neil Cameron - Professor of Chemistry; Natalie…

Added Saturday 24th October 2009

New website Launched

Grey College SCR has a new website. Thanks to Richard Hilton and John Street for developing this. If you are an SCR member, you can log in by resetting your password — when asked for your "Username or Email Address" you should enter your email address. A new password will be emailed to you.…

Added Wednesday 7th October 2009

Visting Fellows - Easter Term 2009

Rabbi Dr Lionel Blue is Holgate Fellow this term. Dr Blue is a distinguished Jewish Scholar and well-known broadcaster. He is leading a number of seminars in Grey during the Easter term on the broad topic of religious experience and faith. Professor Larysa Bryzhyk is Isobel Holgate Fellow in Math…

Added Monday 6th July 2009