About Grey College SCR

The Senior Common Room, together with the Middle Common Room (graduate students) and the Junior Common Room (undergraduate students), constitutes Grey College. The Senior Common Room, situated in a pleasant room in the main building of Grey College, provides an attractive and relaxed environment for colleagues to meet and bring visitors.Photograph of Dickie Sokolov at an exhibition of the late Thetis Blacker's work

Further details of the facilities are available

Members of the SCR are encouraged to attend and become actively involved in various College functions, including:

  • Formal Dinners and Guest Nights
  • Student Drama and Musical Productions
  • The Phoenix Ball

Photograph of the Master, Martyn ChamberlainIn addition, the SCR committee organises particular events, which have included: 

  • A Sunday series of talks
  • Wine Tastings
  • Croquet
  • Trips and Visits

Further details of forthcoming events can be found in the diary.

The Role of the Senior Common Room

The Senior Common Room exists to contribute to the life, enrichment and development of the College as an all-age community of scholars. This is achived through meeting socially and the sharing of ideas. Our particular aims are:

  • Photograph of SCR members in the SCRhelping to create an appropriate intellectual and pastoral environment for student members of the College;

  • providing an academic forum for members of the College, University and wider community;

  • serving as a base for our visiting and honorary fellows, offering to them a genuine collegiate atmosphere of conviviality, intellectual stimulus, networking and recreational opportunities etc.;

  • helping to develop links with a range of University Institutes and Departments;

  • supporting students through their University education; and

  • playing a key role in developing links with the wider community.

Message from the Master

Grey College Senior Common Room is an integral part of the Grey College Community. The SCR meets regularly a wide variety of social and cultural activities including for formal and informal dinners, family parties, and special lectures on everything from the end of the universe to international financial crises. All of this helps to further the scholarly mission of the College, by giving people in different disciplines and lines of work the opportunity to get together and explore common interests in a friendly setting.

Professor Tom Allen
Master, Grey College